Comprehensive Training

One-On-One Training to Become a Successful Coach or Therapist

Get one-on-one access to Ali Campbell to help master the disciplines of Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching and scale your own coaching or therapy practice.


The FAST Track with one-on-one Support from Ali Campbell to help master the disciplines of Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching and scale your own coaching or therapy practice.


The Apprenticeship includes all of the knowledge, tools and resources to master the disciplines of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching and build a successful practice from the ground up.

One-On-One Training Sessions

Benefit from direct one-on-one time with Ali Campbell where Ali will personally guide you to develop your skill and confidence and build your own successful practice.

Group Coaching Sessions

Live Group Coaching Sessions with Ali Campbell. You’ll be among a small group of like-minded people learning directly from Ali and supporting each other on the same journey to building your thriving practice.

Access to Academy & Masterclass Courses

Ali’s Masterclasses and Academies provide the perfect introduction to the key methods that Ali uses himself with his own private clients. You’ll learn the very latest techniques and have full access to all of the programmes, both current and future as part of your Apprenticeship program.

Website Build, Design & Development

Ali’s team build your website from the ground up, the same team whose work you’re seeing here and Ali himself will advise on the content and structure to build your perfect website to showcase your skills and turn enquiries into paying clients.


In-depth insight and knowledge of how to deliver results FAST using coaching and therapy techniques

The sales methodologies and strategies to scale your practice and have as many clients as you personally want to work with

The same marketing methods Ali uses himself to help generate client enquires from around the world for little cost

How to generate FREE PR for yourself and your practice and become the ‘Go To’ person in your area

How to structure group sessions and why those are a great way to build your practice very quickly indeed

The EXACT formula Ali has used to build his own practice but refined and adapted for the online world too

Ali Campbell


David Alison

David Alison

I returned to live in Scotland in 2019 after 30 years in several countries. Having a new Coaching Business, I was looking for a Mentor to help with strategy & growth. I was recommended to look at working with Ali, and after a meeting at his home signed up to his Mentorship program. What I loved about working with Ali was his down to earth approach. We quickly identified during the private sessions where I was “getting in my own way” and utilising his mastery in Hypnotherapy & NLP these blocks were removed. We also created a strategy to grow my “Brand” which included speaking at his signature event in Glasgow to 450 people, a moment in my career I am forever grateful for. In 2021 I am now on a steady growth path in my Coaching and Therapy business with clients worldwide.

David Alison
Maggie Sheridan-Bruce

Maggie Sheridan-Bruce

My Mentorship journey with Ali Campbell has been amazing - I have attended all Courses NLP/Hypno & Transformational Life Coaching and I feel to personally experience all these techniques is invaluable and life changing. Ali C and his team offer unconditional support with advice and sharing ideas to always improve your skills and business. It does not just stop when you have completed the Courses! Ali thrives on seeing all his students excel in the world of Personal Development. Trust me, to work with clients and see them bloom and blossom and their lives become much more than they could ever have imagined never fails to blow me away! Thus the reason I can totally understand why Ali Campbell is so very passionate about not only his own private clients but about ALL his students, apprentices & graduates. As a Mentor Ali is always on the journey with you advising, inspiring and sharing all his knowledge!

Maggie Sheridan-Bruce
Mary McLung

Mary McLung

Some say the mark of a great mentor is that they inspire their mentee to aspire. Well in a nutshell that was Ali for me. His down to earth, supportive, yet challenging approach really allowed me to grow and excel in my own way. His knowledge is undeniable, but what really impressed me was his humbleness and genuine passion to want his mentees to succeed. For me I would say Ali definitely went that extra mile and still does today. I Would definitely recommend any of his mentorship programmes.

Mary McLung
Nic Henderson

Nic Henderson

Working with Ali as my mentor has fast tracked my personal development and my coaching practice. Ali has an incredible talent for relating to people, and he can see potential that they cannot see for themselves. He has encouraged and cultivated my coaching skills, taught me material that blew my mind wide open, pushed me out of my comfort zone when I needed it, and most importantly, believed in me every step of the way. I am now fully qualified, running my own successful coaching practice where I specialise in helping women who want to cultivate change in their lives, but most importantly, I wake up in the morning so excited for the day ahead. I am the most fulfilled I have ever been! I can’t recommend Ali highly enough!

Nic Henderson
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