Ali Campbell is an Internationally Best-Selling Author published by Hay House. His books provide an insight into the human condition, what has very likely been holding you back and how to get unstuck using his unique blend of Coaching and techniques from across the psychology spectrum.


Do you procrastinate over your next move, avoid making that one change that you know would make your life so much better, or just wish you had more ‘get up and go’? Whether you’re looking for more clarity or hoping to find some encouraging insights, Just Get On With It helps equip you with the understanding required to get you ‘unstuck’ – and gives you tools to implement positive, lifelong change in the process!

This book shows you how to:

Start to get honest with yourself about what you really want in your life

Get to the core of your personal challenges

Stop telling yourself the stories that are keeping you stuck

Accelerate real change

Reach your full potential

Bypass the limitations you’ve imposed and ‘just get on with it!’

Just Get On With It

Just Get On With It reveals how everyone can get out of a ‘rut’ and create the life they really want.


With a wealth of professional and personal insight from Ali, NLP Made Easy is a brilliant introduction to one of the most powerful and exciting psychological approaches in use today. All our behaviour is a product of our state of mind, and NLP Made Easy presents techniques for making small changes on the inside that will make huge differences on the outside.

You will learn how to:

Change your emotional state quickly and easily

Overcome fears, phobias and frustrations

Transform even lifelong habits quickly

Communicate to get exactly what you want

Reset your internal programming to change your future

Heal emotional pain from your past

NLP Made Easy

There is a structure to our experience of life, and we all have patterns to the way we think. The good news is this – all that we need to create change is already within us. NLP Made Easy shows you how.


If you’ve ever thought about building your own practice, then this is the book for you. You’ll learn the methodologies of how Ali built his own coaching and therapy business from the ground up to an impressive 7 figures a year.

Practice Made Perfect shows you how to:

Understand the business model behind building your own successful practice

Price and package your service according to the needs of your customers

The sales methodologies and strategies to scaling your practice

Proven marketing methods to help generate qualified leads

Practice Made Perfect